Nick Grundl

Senior Data Scientist

Nick is a multifunctional data scientist, chemical engineer, and techno-economic strategist in the industrial technology space. His work focuses on how to integrate the diverse, often messy, and costly efforts to obtain microbial data into a unified framework for analysis and decision making. His experience spans the multiple steps required to successfully deliver a new bioproduct, from early scoping/feasibility through pilot scale campaigns.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2014 with a Chemical Engineering degree, one course shy of a Biochemistry double major. He subsequently joined the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to work on the design and economic optimization of biological routes to drop in fuels and coproducts (e.g., adipic acid). In 2019 he joined the data science team at Zymergen where he developed computational tools and approaches to identify strains at the plate and bench scale that possess high-value phenotypes at the commercial scale. Most recently he worked as a Techno-Economic and Data Modeling consultant for various firms in the Bay Area.

In his free time, Nick likes to mountain bike the Downieville Classic, race sailboats on the San Francisco Bay, and, in calmer moments, make functional wheel-thrown ceramic pieces.

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