Lasana Power

Research Associate II

Lasana Power on

With the hope of impacting climate change, Lasana attended the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and earned a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science. He took summers to work various internships in the oil industry: as a Technical Services intern at Marathon Oil he updated process diagrams with field verification; as a Process Control intern at ExxonMobil he created test simulations for operators to reduce emergency response times. Lasana earned a master’s in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University. In graduate school he discovered a love for microbiology and began pursuing the potential of microorganisms to disrupt less sustainable industries. At Stanford, he worked in the Alfred Spormann Lab deploying CRISPRi to encourage a methanogen to produce higher-order carbon compounds. He also worked in the Craig Criddle lab to study enhanced phosphorus storage under feast-famine cycling, as seen in activated sludge from the East Bay Municipal Utility District. His personal interests include raising plant babies and other horticulture, dancing in the moonlight, and community outreach.

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