Alex Miłowski

Dr. Milowski is a researcher, developer, entrepreneur, mathematician, and computer scientist. He has been involved in the development of Web and Semantics technologies since the early 1990’s, primarily focusing on machine learning, natural language problems, data representation, algorithms, and processing data at scale; also, an experienced developer skilled in a variety of functional and imperative languages.

He received his PhD in Informatics (Computer Science) from the renowned University of Edinburgh School of Informatics (Scotland) on large-scale computation over scientific data on the Web in 2014.

Various experience in scientific computing - geospatial and genome data pipelines - and big data platforms.

Recently, he has been working on machine learning infrastructure in combination with building machine learning applications; researching and applying how to use Kubernetes at scale to improve the productivity and reliability of machine learning systems and data scientists. He has experience teaching, mentoring, managing teams, and developing within various data science/ML domains including topics such as cloud computing, Kubernetes, Spark, PyTorch, text processing/NLP, deep learning, data acquisition, and a whole lot of Python, Go, and C++.