Series A Funding

Series A Funding

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date icon 01.15.2022

We could not be more thrilled to announce our $15M Series A funding round led by Lowercarbon Capital. We are humbled to welcome new investors Safar Partners, Impact Science Ventures, and SystemIQ Capital to the MicroByre family.

We share a vision of a biomanufacturing future. We believe bacteria have been underleveraged and that new industrial symbioses are not only possible, but necessary. MicroByre used its seed round to establish the feasibility of its domestication platform. This new funding round gives us the runway we need to continue securing the commercial partnerships to deploy our novel bacteria.

Our Series A investors join our dedicated seed investors Bioeconomy Capital, Azolla Ventures, The House Fund, the Grantham Foundation, Zero Carbon Capital, and several generous angels.

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