Douglas Cameron joins MicroByre Advisory Board

Douglas Cameron joins MicroByre Advisory Board

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date icon 09.13.2021

Synthetic biology pioneer and sustainable tech investor Douglas Cameron has been appointed to the MicroByre’s Advisory Board. Cameron brings over 30 years of experience in sustainable biomanufacturing to the MicroByre team. Former senior managing director of the U.S.-China Green Fund (now the Asia Green Fund) and Chief Scientific Officer at Khosla Ventures, Cameron currently holds board director and board observer roles at Arzeda, DMC Biotechnologies, and Geltor. His experience goes far beyond investment; prior to becoming an investor he was Director of Biotechnology and Chief Scientist at Cargill and a professor of chemical and biological engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We are thrilled to have Doug join the MicroByre advisory board,” said MicroByre CEO Sarah Richardson. “As a pioneer in synthetic biology, Douglas’ experience will be invaluable to MicroByre as we build our bacterial domestication platform. I envision a future where we will live in an entirely circular economy, with bacteria at the center of that economy. Doug will help MicroByre contribute to that future.”

MicroByre board chair Rik Wehring added, “Doug’s extensive experience advising leading biotech companies will help establish MicroByre as a key player in the space. He knows what biotech companies want and need; we know how to build it. Putting those two knowledge pieces together will enable MicroByre to achieve its impact goals more quickly.”

Cameron has been passionate about sustainable technology for his entire career and has played a pivotal role in advancing a variety of biotech companies addressing global sustainability challenges. “Advancing our bioeconomy will require outside-the-box thinking,” said Cameron. “MicroByre’s focus on domesticating non-traditional bacterial species is just the type of approach we need. I look forward to helping the company make a lasting impact on industrial manufacturing.”

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